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it’s all white

By Marlene | Published: 18. May 2011
IMG_6012 I picked up this blazer when I went shopping with my grandma a couple of weeks ago and while I was still having a mental debate in the changing rooms ("I like it. But does it make me look like a waiter? "No. Well, maybe a waiter in a really fancy restaurant." "But isn't a white blazer totally impractical? Knowing me I will spill red wine on it the first time [...]
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a week in fashion #18

By Marlene | Published: 13. May 2011
IMG_5840 copy *Between James and me there is a ridiculous number of sunglasses scattered around the house. So when our friend Ellen asked to visit with a case full of sunnies, we answered: When can you be here? She came round this afternoon, which is a pretty nice way to start the weekend. I'll have those white-framed Roberto Cavalli's and these beauties from Tom Ford, please. [...]
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a week in fashion #17

By Marlene | Published: 6. May 2011
As you may have heard, there was a wedding last week. A wedding which I missed entirely, because I was being held hostage in Madrid, while James was left alone to host our royal party at home. Luckily nothing was going to be repeated as much as THAT kiss and after flicking through countless pictures and reading nearly every bit of commentary out there, I still [...]

what’s yours is mine

By Marlene | Published: 5. May 2011
IMG_5768 James is in London this week. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with him. But there is one advantage to him being away: I can help myself to things in his closet undisturbed... This white shirt is from Cos and one of my, erm, his favourites.
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nervous breakdown shoes

By Marlene | Published: 2. May 2011
IMG_5622 The following conversation took place between a guy from Iberia and me after I missed my connecting flight in Madrid. Me: "I missed my connecting flight. How soon can you get me out of here?" Guy (typing into his computer): "In three hours." Me: "Great! I'll take it." Guy (typing): "The cost is 220 Euro." Me: "Excuse me?" Guy: "220 Euro." Me: "But [...]
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