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a ray of sunshine

By Marlene | Published:
Spruced_FashionWeek_Silke2 So it's four degrees and raining in Berlin. Which is better than minus ten and snowing, I guess. And I won't complain, because I've just had three weeks in the sun. No, I won't complain at all. But I've forgotten how to dress for this kind of weather, when it also happens to be fashion week, and I happen to want to look not completely drab. Then I met [...]

review: alexandra kiesel

By James | Published: 19. January 2012
Spruced_AlexadraKiesel_Review We've been back for a week already. How time flies! And I'm just about over the jet lag in time for Berlin fashion week and the four sleep deprived days that it will no doubt cause. Excitingly I will be contributing to Derzeit for the week, so yesterday I headed down to the tent to watch the show from Alexandra Kiesel. You can pick up the latest issue today or [...]