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the academy brand

By James | Published: 18. January 2012
Spruced_Academy6 Of course, I did my fair share of shopping in Australia, too. And often I managed to do it without really trying to, as was the case when I discovered The Academy Brand in Bondi. I stumbled upon their flagship store while cutting through Gould Street on my way from breakfast to the beach. It proved a detour well worth taking. (more…)

strewth! it’s the aussie shopping guide!

By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2012
Spruced_Oz_Shopping Back home. And back with a new style column. It took me longer than usual to unpack this time. I could blame it on the jetlag. Or on the fact that our new neighbours decided to have their housewarming party this weekend (the note on the front door read: "Wanna get fucked up? 4th floor!" Yes, they're 20. Yes, they have an appalling taste in music. Yes, [...]

travelling shoes

By Marlene | Published:
Spruced_GormanPlatforms Oh, hello! Meet my new shoes from Gorman (our shopping guide to Australia is going to be veeery long...) I'm sitting in our hotel room right now, admiring them, when what I should really be doing is pack my suitcase. I can't quite believe our three weeks in Australia are up and we're going home tomorrow. I also can't believe that I've done it yet again: I [...]
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pink shorts

By James | Published: 9. January 2012
spruced_pinkshorts The other day we did the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. The beaches are beautiful and some of the views of the ocean from atop the cliffs are truly breathtaking. The kind of thing you never forget seeing. But at the end of the day I was left with another image in my head I just couldn't ignore. Walking down the front at Bronte beach I saw a guy wearing [...]