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timeless beauty

By Marlene | Published: 17. May 2013
Spruced_BeautyEssentials My birthday is coming up very soon. Okay, tomorrow. I made a crack in the dinner invitation about the fact that I will then be the same age as George Clooney was when it all started happening for him. I don't know what Clooney's beauty routine looks like. He so rarely invites me around his house to snoop around the bathroom. I imagine it involves slapping [...]

a bag for my notebook

By Marlene | Published: 16. May 2013
Spruced_LaptopBag1 I left for a two-day trip yesterday with no less than eight bags. Eight. There was the handbag. Small pouches for within the handbag for stuff like lip balm, gum, months old subway tickets, you know, the kind of things you really need to be within arm's reach at all times. A bag for my camera. A suitcase. A wash bag. Individual cotton bags for shoes. The [...]
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pointy flats

By Marlene | Published: 12. May 2013
Spruced_PointyFlats Two of my favourite things right now. A pair of pointy flats that I found at H&M. Yes, H&M. Who'd have thought they'd make such beautiful leather flats? You can still find them here. Mine will accompany me all through spring. As will peonies. Nature just designs the most beautiful things of all.
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the transitional jacket

By Marlene | Published: 11. May 2013
Spruced_Wald_Saviana1 "Übergangsjacke" – now there's a word that will almost instantly kill my desire to shop. The expression sounds better in English, yet the image I have of transitional jackets is of something practical, possibly rainproof, likely dull. I should say: had that image. Because Saviana and her college jacket from French brand Gat Rimon changed my perception [...]

very boss

By Marlene | Published: 10. May 2013
Spruced_VeryFrenchGangsters1 So, I have a question for you. How is it possible that it's the middle of May already? And also, where did the last month go? Actually, I can answer that. It disappeared somewhere between the keys on my computer. Work took over life. Every time I thought of sharing something with you here, there were things on my to-do list that I had to check off first, [...]