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tip of the hat

By Marlene | Published: 22. September 2016
spruced-maryamkeyhani-hats-1 I wore a hat for my date with Maryam. I usually only wear hats for practical reasons like protection against heat or cold. There was no reason for a hat on that particular day, except that I hoped it would delight Maryam. (more…)

fashion’s night out giveaway

By Marlene | Published: 31. August 2016
Spruced-Giveaway-VoguesFashionNightOut-SonyTablet I forgot to mention one other thing in my previous post that I’ve learnt to excel at as a mother: Online shopping. It has the advantage that 1) online shops are never closed, 2) you can’t lose your kid in an online shop and therefore won’t have to crawl around the store, trying to make out a pair of size 23 trainers running away from you between clothes [...]

five of the best || caftans

By Marlene | Published: 7. August 2016
Spruced-FiveOfTheBest-Caftans-2 I’m spending my summer vacation on the Baltic Sea this year. Which isn’t going to stop me from packing at least one caftan. You might think that’s needlessly optimistic. But! The caftan is a piece of clothing that’s cause for optimism. The main reason being that nothing is easier to wear in the summer, whether you’re in Berlin, on a small Danish island [...]