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wish list! mia abadi from prag agency

By Marlene | Published: 2. December 2014
Spruced-WishList-MiaAbadi-PragAgency I should’ve known that I’d want to add everything from Mia’s wish list for Christmas to my own. Mia is one of those women who you constantly want to ask „where’d you get that from?“, because she always looks so impeccably put together. She can answer that question with „from my own shop“ since the beginning of this year when she opened Prag [...]

inspiration: party season

By Marlene | Published:
Spruced-StyleInspiration-AnnSofieBack I don’t know about you, but getting ready for a party or just a dinner in December is a much bigger effort to me than it is in the summer months, with all those extra layers that have to be added to a little dress to keep warm and all those tissues that are necessary to clean up the smoky eyes that have turned into full-on panda in the cold. This look feels [...]

shop my closet

By Marlene | Published: 24. November 2014
Spruced-ShopMyCloset So, when I had just found out that I was pregnant, I did a little research into how my body would be affected (apart from the obvious, i.e. getting very big indeed). If only I’d known what I needed to prepare myself for mentally. One of things I found out was that feet can grow up to a size during pregnancy. And stay that way. I was rather alarmed by this [...]
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wish list! edda mann from konk

By Marlene | Published: 19. November 2014
Spruced-Wishlist-EddaMann-Konk When I thought about doing a Christmas giveaway with my favourite shops, Konk was at the top of my list. Not simply because it’s a store that supports Berlin designers, but also because the owner Edda is such a knowledgable, cool and fun woman. Here’s her wish list (I’m going to have a word with Santa about that Isabell de Hillerin coat...) Edda [...]

wish list! cécile roederer from smallable

By Marlene | Published: 12. November 2014
Spruced-Wishlist-CecileRoederer-Smallable „I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to Christmas this much,“ James said the other day. And I feel the same way. It’s going to be the little one’s first Christmas and just thinking about all the things Arlo’s going to enjoy about it – looking at fairy lights, munching on wrapping paper, pulling baubles from the Christmas tree [...]