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shop my closet

By Marlene | Published: 6. July 2016
Spruced-Tictail-Acne-Amon-1 As we’re about to move, I’m finally tackling the hard bit: Cleaning out my closet. I’ve started putting some much loved items, like this Acne Amon blouse, up for sale in my shop. So maybe they’ll find a new home with you. I’ll add more in the coming weeks, but there’s loads from Ann Demeulemeester to Topshop in the shop already, and a few kids' [...]

the lbd

By Marlene | Published: 1. July 2016
Spruced-Madeleine-Kathrin-LBD There’s good reason the little black dress is considered a classic. It’s such a timeless look that you can play with it and make it completely your own. Like Madeleine and Kathrin, who I caught on their way to the Vogue cocktail. Neither of whom are actually wearing a LBD, but rather a modern update – a midi-length dress on Madeleine and top, skirt and [...]

white summer dresses

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2016
Spruced-WhiteSummerDresses-1 When I went to see my friend Mirjana at the Closed headquarters in Hamburg recently – I’ll be showing you the pictures from my visit soon, but let me tell you this already: I wanted to pull up in a van and steal all of the amazing furniture from their showrooms for our new apartment –, it happened to be the first truly hot day of the summer. Within 15 [...]