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dreamy pyjamas

By Marlene | Published: 18. March 2015
Spruced-Pyjamas Confession: last night I went to bed in a pair of jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt. This was not an exception. Sure, it’s possible to sleep like that. But wouldn’t it be nicer in a proper pyjama? Like the one James wears from Brooks Brothers. I brought back a pair for him from England a few years back and I should’ve gotten one for myself. There’s [...]

white trainers

By Marlene | Published: 12. March 2015
Spruced-WhiteTrainers Shop assistant: „You’re looking for white trainers, right?“ Me: „How do you know?“ Shop assistant: „Because you just stopped in front of a pair in the shop window.“ Me: „Right. So, yes, I’d like to try them.“ Shop assistant: „You know, everyone was asking for white trainers last year.“ Me: „What do you mean?“ Shop assistant [...]


By Marlene | Published: 2. April 2013
Spruced_Konk1 Could you recommend a few shops in Copenhagen? That's what Manuela asked me in her comment last night. Could I ever! I almost immediately sent her a list of my favourite places. Nué and B56 were on there, which I've talked about here and here before. What I like about these two shops, what I generally like about shops in any foreign city, is that they [...]

the danish design love fest continues

By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2013
Spruced_HanKjøbenhavn1 So the sun still isn't shining on Berlin. So what. I discovered this brand of sunglasses at the SEEK fashion fair yesterday. It's called Han Kjøbenhavn and how could it not be Danish with that name? And how could I not show you these glasses right away when they're the perfect addition to what I wrote about Danish design here and here last week? Good design, [...]

not clowning around

By James | Published: 15. October 2012
Spruced_Polkashirt1 With the exception of the check shirt, a lot of men stay well clear of pattern with their clothing. I think many have the feeling that it's too flamboyant, too full of pitfalls to try out. Especially now that neckties are worn less often it's possible to avoid pattern completely if you want to. Men look great in a plain shirt with chinos, a navy blazer worn [...]
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