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not clowning around

By James | Published: 15. October 2012
Spruced_Polkashirt1 With the exception of the check shirt, a lot of men stay well clear of pattern with their clothing. I think many have the feeling that it's too flamboyant, too full of pitfalls to try out. Especially now that neckties are worn less often it's possible to avoid pattern completely if you want to. Men look great in a plain shirt with chinos, a navy blazer worn [...]
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last days of summer

By James | Published: 25. September 2012
Spruced_loafers_1 Saturday was the officially the first day of autumn, and boy did it feel like it. Despite the sun shining it felt 10 degrees colder, it was windy, and horse chestnuts littered the pavements like marbles on a childrens playmat. Grudgingly, giving in to the change in season, I had to put on some socks. (more…)
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By James | Published: 13. July 2012
spruced_website1 Drum roll, please! I have a new website! Of course I will carry on sharing the things I'm working on here, but I also now have a website to better showcase my work (and to make buying my designs even easier). If you have been thinking about a made-to-measure jacket, or a hand-sewn bag, or anything else you might want for your closet, why not take a look [...]

cycle style

By James | Published: 2. May 2012
Spruced_bikestyle1 Whether I'm making clothes or bags, I always try to source as many of the materials in Berlin as possible. I really enjoy travelling around the city searching for that perfect button to finish a jacket, or whatever else it is I need. The majority of this is done by bike. There seems little point owning a car in the city and I rarely use public transport. [...]

suede bomber

By James | Published: 24. April 2012
Spruced_JamesCastle_BomberJacket1 I am someone who wears a lot of bomber jackets. Sometimes dressed up with a shirt and tie, sometimes dressed down with a t-shirt. Get yourself a good one and you will get a lot of use out of it. I own quite a few different types: leather ones, all manner of different cotton versions and even a couple made from wool. I feel like I know what a bomber jacket [...]