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thone negrón

By Marlene | Published: 10. March 2014
Spruced-Thone-Negron1 When I grow up, I want to wear dresses like these every day. That’s what I thought when I first discovered Thone Negrón a couple of years ago. It’s the label by Berlin designer Ettina Berrios Negrón (by the way: when I grow up, I'd like to wear that name). She originally wanted to start her own brand after she finished her fashion studies. Then she [...]


By Marlene | Published: 2. April 2013
Spruced_Konk1 Could you recommend a few shops in Copenhagen? That's what Manuela asked me in her comment last night. Could I ever! I almost immediately sent her a list of my favourite places. Nué and B56 were on there, which I've talked about here and here before. What I like about these two shops, what I generally like about shops in any foreign city, is that they [...]


By Marlene | Published: 4. February 2013
Spruced_Nue_Copenhagen1 After the shows in Stockholm and Copenhagen I'm back in Berlin and back from the parallel universe that is "fashion week". I really did feel like an alien some of the time. It's not that it doesn't seem like a pure luxury to me to look at nothing but clothes for five days and seriously think about what trouser length will be "important" next season. To eat [...]

james castle online shop

By James | Published: 23. November 2012
Spruced_onlineshop_3 I am very proud to announce the opening of my new online store: shop.jamescastle.de. This new web-shop will sell a selection of the hand crafted pieces I create in my Berlin studio, accompanied by designs made to the highest standards in Italy. Launched now, I will be adding new items regularly so be sure to keep visiting the store when you want to treat [...]