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white summer dresses

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2016
Spruced-WhiteSummerDresses-1 When I went to see my friend Mirjana at the Closed headquarters in Hamburg recently – I’ll be showing you the pictures from my visit soon, but let me tell you this already: I wanted to pull up in a van and steal all of the amazing furniture from their showrooms for our new apartment –, it happened to be the first truly hot day of the summer. Within 15 [...]

not so basic black

By Marlene | Published: 16. March 2015
Spruced-Ari-Black Who knows what’s taking spring so long, but until it arrives in Berlin (and, of course, everywhere else), here’s a little inspiration for winter dressing: black from head to toe. Not exactly an original suggestion? But yes! If you do it like Ari and combine different textures and materials. Taking this as an example to mix up my black winter uniform – [...]