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packing for thailand

By Marlene | Published: 22. March 2014


Aaaand… we’re off to Thailand!

My first time there and I’m stupidly excited about seeing a new part of the world. Here are a few of the things I’m taking with me.

| Leather espadrilles from Lika Mimika. When heels don’t feel comfortable anymore, go for luxe flats, that’s my (new) motto.
| Kaftan from Rodebjer. I’m not really sure why I’m bringing anything else on the trip. This tent of a garment is so comfortable and airy, I’ll want to wear it every day.
| Hamam towels from Ottomania. They don’t take up a lot of room in the suitcase and work as a beach cover-up as well.
| Assorted coconut bangles. Because when else am I going to wear these? One that James brought back for me once from Fiji. I can’t remember where the other one came from.
| Pool sliders from Ancient Greek Sandals. Thanks for the tip, Jessie!
| Sunnies from Céline. Old, still golden.
| Bal D’Afrique from Byredo. The scent of summer.
| Passport holder from & Other Stories. Using this somehow makes flying feel that little bit more glamourous.
| Bikini from Princesse TamTam. Buying swimwear when six months pregnant (or in any situation) – not as horryfying as you expect when you let the women at Blush Berlin help you. Easiest bikini buy of my life.
| „Swimming Studies“ by Leanne Shapton. I’ve picked up the horrible habit of reading on my iPhone before going to sleep. Time to focus on printed letters again.
| Dress from the Isabel Marant x H&M collection. Maybe my friend was being kind the other day when she said that this dress actually looks better on a pregnant person than a non-pregnant one. I believe her anyway.

See you on Koh Yao Noi.

holiday inspiration: foulard

By Marlene | Published: 21. March 2014


We’re going on holiday in a few days and it would be a mild understatement to say that I’m looking forward to sipping coconut drinks, smelling like suntan lotion and making the six-month-belly feel weightless in the sea. Yeeessssss! As I started thinking about what to take, I remembered this picture I took of Claire last year. There’s something so effortless and chic about wearing a foulard as a headscarf or turban. I’m going to attempt copying this look, not just on holiday but all summer long.

And here are a few foulards I’d like to try it with.

Arabesque foulard from Sandro | Broken Glass scarf from Lala Berlin | Purple foulard from Isabel Marant | Sthlm sea patrol scarf from Acne | Black and white foulard from Uterqüe, although they do have such a fantastic selection that it’s difficult to pick a favourite.

the stan smith debate

By Marlene | Published: 18. March 2014


A few months ago, evening. Quick Instagram update before switching the light off for the night. James is asleep already. Lucky man. Lacking an intelligent person to talk to, I have the following conversation with myself.

„Oh, look. Another one with the Adidas Stan Smiths.“
„Another one of what?“
„Of the stylish bloggers. This time it’s Hedvig from The Northern Light. Camille from Camille Over The Rainbow wears them too.“
„And perhaps it’s time for some new trainers. Everyone and their mother wears Nike these days.“
„Everyone – like you.“
„Precisely my point! I don’t want to look like everyone.“

A few weeks later, New York fashion week has kicked off. Quick streetstyle update in the morning.

„Everyone is wearing Stan Smiths! I need them now!“
„A few weeks ago you said you didn’t want what everyone has.“
„Did it ever occur to you that Adidas just handed the trainers out to all the people parading them on Instagram now?“
„Why do you always have to be so cynical? And even if that’s the case – so what?“
„So it means the hype is a marketing ploy, just like E. said the other day.“
„I don’t think they bought Phoebe Philo and she was the first to wear the shoes. Marc Jacobs has them too and I’m sure he doesn’t let anyone dictate his style.“
„Fine. But do any of them even know who Stan Smith was?“
„Stan, Schman. I didn’t know who Chuck Taylor was before I bought my first Converse. Heavens, it’s only a pair of shoes!“
„YOU are the one who won’t shut up about them!“

Last week, a text message from my friend L.

„L. writes that she loves her Stans so much, she hardly wears other shoes anymore.“
„You’re really starting to get on my nerves. Do you want the damn trainers or not?“
„Maybe I just want a pair of white leather sneakers.“
„Then how about a pair from VOR? Or from Common Projects? Eytys make nice ones that are affordable.“
„You know what? I’m just gonna go to the store and try the Stans on.“
„Although… Maybe it’s all about the Superstars now?“

A few days later in the store. The trainers that look so laid-back and cool on other people make my feet look like they belong to a clown in gym class. Which makes the decision not to buy them very easy in the end.“

How do you react to pieces that suddenly seem to be everywhere? Does it make you want them more? Resist them completely? Or maybe you’re immune to trends?

Image via.

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a week in fashion #92

By Marlene | Published: 16. March 2014


| The T-Rex is designer Malaika Raiss’ good luck charm. So she made it into the charming Dinolove necklace. I like wearing mine especially on Mondays. Roar!

| If you want to get lost for an afternoon, head straight over to Ida Laerke’s blog.

| You know by now that I love Sandra Semburg’s street style photography. Thanks to her shot of Clémence Poésy, I have the inspiration for my new haircut.

| Let’s pretend for a second we have Gwyneth Paltrow’s bank account and spend some money on this amazing malachite box by Rablabs for Goop.

| And while we’re at it, let’s also buy these moccasins from Newbark.

| „I think you should ­mention that I can fricking master a jalapeño.“ Jess Cartner-Morley interviews Stella McCartney.

| Zara Pictures is back. I could take everything Amanda Brooks is wearing here and put it on my shopping list.

| What I got this week from Zara is this trenchcoat. Soft like a dressing gown, perfect for spring.

| Bling, bling! Here’s a feature I wrote about costume jewelry for Harper’s Bazaar Germany.

| Spring cleaning and organizing beauty products with Into the Gloss? Yes, please.

| How did I miss that Remodelista put out a book? A Manual for the Considered Home should move in with me right away.

| So does a scented candle from Maison Louis Marie.

| Pinterest… Pinterest… Isn’t there something I’m forgetting about? Oh yes, to actually pin stuff. I’m back at it now. You can follow me here.

Have a good week!

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