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By Marlene | Published: 24. November 2014


So, when I had just found out that I was pregnant, I did a little research into how my body would be affected (apart from the obvious, i.e. getting very big indeed). If only I’d known what I needed to prepare myself for mentally. One of things I found out was that feet can grow up to a size during pregnancy. And stay that way. I was rather alarmed by this – I think my exact words were: Not my shoooeeees! –, but when I told James about it, he cheekily suggested that I might as well sell my shoe collection preventively to make more room in the apartment for the baby.

My response: Ahahahahahahaha!

Do I even have to tell you what happened next? My feet grew. And stayed that way.


Not by a whole size. But by enough to not fit into quite a few of my shoes anymore. Now, I could just put them away and try never to think of them again. Instead, I decided to sell at least the ones that I only got a chance to wear once or twice. They’re now in my shop together with a whole bunch of other things that I still love looking at but don’t wear anymore, from Lala Berlin, Current/Elliott, Sandro and Victoria Beckham, as well as some fine goods from Zara and Cos. Here’s where you can shop my closet. And hopefully give my shoes another run.

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wish list! edda mann from konk

By Marlene | Published: 19. November 2014


When I thought about doing a Christmas giveaway with my favourite shops, Konk was at the top of my list. Not simply because it’s a store that supports Berlin designers, but also because the owner Edda is such a knowledgable, cool and fun woman. Here’s her wish list (I’m going to have a word with Santa about that Isabell de Hillerin coat…)

Edda has very generously allowed me to give away the Idamari „Setja“ earrings in rose you can see in the picture above. The studs are made from sterling silver and plated in rose-gold with a high gloss finish. You can take another look at them here. I think they’re stunning and I wish I could take part in this competition. Which I obviously can’t. But you can.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment below this post until midnight on December 2 when I will randomly pick a winner (double entries don’t count). And don’t forget to fill in your email address so that I can contact you. CLOSED! The winner is Janne (comment posted on 19. November 2014 at 07:41). Congratulations!

Sneakers from Anntian x Triple Major | Coat from Isabell de Hillerin | Sweater from Tiedeken | Earrings from Idamari | Silk foulard from Hui Hui, all via Konk

coconut oil

By Marlene | Published: 18. November 2014


I’ve stopped counting how many „beauty products from the kitchen cupboard“ tips I’ve collected. And then not used. Or, rather: never correctly. Starting with an avocado and egg white face mask that dried so quickly that I almost had to remove it with a hammer and chisel. Or olive oil as a deep conditioner. Fabulous idea – until I rested my oiled up hair on the couch and fell asleep. One day, I’ll have to let somebody explain to me the correct dosage of cornstarch as a dry shampoo. Somebody who it doesn’t make look like they’re getting ready for Halloween. And before I remember to save used teabags for later use against swollen eyes, I’ve gone through ten tubes of eyecream.

Coconut oil is the exception. Firstly because it needs no other ingredients. Secondly because using it is so foolproof that even I can do it. And thirdly because it smells like summer. Which is pretty great when it’s summer. In winter, it’s like medicine. There are roughly 187 uses for coconut oil (and everyone has one. Gwyneth! Gisele! Everybody!). These are my four – which I’m actually using.

| As a lip balm. I have a serious addiction to lip balm. What helps against it is putting a few drops of oil on the lips in the morning and at night, which makes them veeery soft. If you don’t lick it off immediately.

| As a make-up remover. It’s gentler than a lot of make-up removers, especially for the delicate eye area. I take a little oil and gently massage it around the eye, then take the mascara off with two cotton pads. Supposedly the oil can even make your lashes grow longer. It definitely works as a rich, overnight eyecream against dryness.

| As an anti-frizz potion. A couple of drops for smoothing down strands, good-bye radiator hair.

| As a lotion/moisturizer. I only use it pure in the evenings, because it makes my face look a little too shiny. After a bath there’s nothing better than mixing the oil with some unscented body lotion and applying generously.

And now I’d like to know what DIY beauty tricks you’ve got.

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wish list! cécile roederer from smallable

By Marlene | Published: 12. November 2014


„I can’t remember the last time I was looking forward to Christmas this much,“ James said the other day. And I feel the same way. It’s going to be the little one’s first Christmas and just thinking about all the things Arlo’s going to enjoy about it – looking at fairy lights, munching on wrapping paper, pulling baubles from the Christmas tree – makes me feel as giddy as a kid. If he could tell us right now what he wants from Santa, he’d probably say: an endless supply of milk! We’re gonna try and surprise him with a few other things.

To get inspiration for his and for all of the other presents I’m getting, I asked the owners of some of my favourite shops what gifts they’re giving this year. I’m so happy that Cécile Roederer contributed the first wish list. Cécile is the founder of Smallable, a fantastic online department store for everything you could possibly need (and a lot of things you simply want) for babys and kids, and these are some of the ideas she has for her four-year-old son Charles. Pretty cool.

What’s even cooler is that I’m giving away a €50 voucher from Smallable! All you have to do to win is leave a comment below this post until midnight on November 25 when I will randomly pick a winner (double entries don’t count). And don’t forget to fill in your email address so that I can contact you. CLOSED! The winner is Caroline (comment posted 14. November 2014 at 08:28). Congratulations!

White leather „Superstar“ sneakers from Golden Goose | Two-toned rucksack from Herschel | Multicolour checked Oxford shirt from ZEF | Red superhero costume from Numero 74 | Knit scarf with reindeer motif from Le Petit Lucas Du Tertre, all via Smallable

fall favourites

By Marlene | Published: 3. November 2014


Golden leaves, hot chocolate on the sofa, stews that last for days and a soft light that makes everything and everyone look better – this is the time of year when I forget what winter is like in Berlin, because fall is putting on a magic show. Soon enough, I’ll have to think about wrapping myself in ten layers of thermal underwear, but for now I’m enjoying this stupendously gorgeous season. And the things that I love wearing at the moment.

This Zara coat is a smart version of a robe, so what’s not to love? It’s ridiculously soft and comfortable, but doesn’t make you look like you’ve just wandered out in your dressing gown. There are a lot of caramel tones in the shops right now (caramel = camel, just gets a different name each season) and I like to think of them as the perfect addition to fall/winter’s basic colours. Just as easily combinable as black, grey and blue, just a little more unexpected. I like wearing this coat with a dark turtleneck and jeans. At home, I’ll wear it as a cardi over a light t-shirt – just like a dressing gown.

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