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the five minute fix || home office

By Marlene | Published: 1. December 2016


A couple of months ago I got a sweet email from someone who’d bought my book. Here’s some of what it said:

„If you ever write a follow-up to Stilvoll, it would be great to include some tips for working from home. I’m always looking for an alternative to jogging pants, yoga wear and pajamas.“

As it’s currently taking me months to answers emails, it might be a while before I write another book. But, dear Birgitta, I’ll anwer you here instead.

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five of the best || fisherman’s cap

By Marlene | Published: 3. November 2016


I own a good dozen scarves in a variety of greys, at least five pairs of black gloves and way too many coats. But I wear the same hat every winter, the inevitable beanie from Cos. There’s nothing wrong with it, and yet I’m thinking the same thing that I think every year around this time: It’d be nice to wear something a little more interesting.

Like Charlotte’s fisherman’s cap.

Charlotte is one of the women I portray in Stilvoll and she wears a different hat in the book, a fedora (too many photos, not enough space – if I’ve learnt anything about making books, that might be it). A different look, the same effect, because a hat isn’t so much an accessory as a statement. One that reads something like this: „Dear winter, you can’t touch me and my storm-proof cap. Which, by the way, also makes getting dressed for cold weather look like a breeze.“

These five could sail straight into my wardrobe.

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my style || anja

By Marlene | Published: 31. October 2016


This blog is effectively nothing but an excuse to ask women that I admire about their style. One such woman is Anja Timme. I’ve wanted to interview her ever since we first met last year, when I very impolitely kept staring at her bamboo handbag: a crescent-shaped Japanese picnic basket that I was afraid would be vintage – it is, more about which later –, but I didn’t have the guts to ask her about it. She had paired a pencil skirt, t-shirt and trainers with the bag and looked so competently cool that I immediately thought of a dozen other things that I wanted to ask her about fashion.

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dressing danishly

By Marlene | Published: 26. October 2016


I took Arlo to see my mum and dad at their summerhouse in Denmark this August and got to spend a day by myself in Copenhagen (thank you, grandparents!). Copenhagen at least once a year – I wonder if I could convince my GP to write me a prescription. A visit to the city feels like going on a retreat to me. It’s instantly relaxing to walk through town, even if I want to see so much in day that I’m almost running. This time, I stopped at the Designmuseum Danmark and considered how to win the lottery so that I can furnish our new place exactly like The Apartment.

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post card from la maddalena

By Marlene | Published: 24. October 2016


„Just one more week. Then we can relax a little. Then things will calm down a bit. Then we can talk about something other than who can work how much when and how we’re going to organise ourselves around Arlo. The to-do list will get shorter, the calls to the handymen become less frequent, the frozen pizza diet will finally end. Then we won’t have to wash dishes in the shower anymore, because we’ll finally have a damn sink.“

„Just one more week“ had already been going on with a variety of promises for a few months when this holiday came around.

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