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By Marlene | Published: 4. January 2016


Happy New Year! And a belated cheers to a 2016 filled with joy and happiness.

I spent the holidays with my boys in the English countryside, which was blissfully uneventful. We ate lots, we slept lots, then we ate some more, then we slept some more, and did I mention that we ate? Lots. Waking up this morning in Berlin was a bit of a shock. We all stumbled around sleepily, trying to get ready for kindergarten and work, while mustering up the courage to go out into the freezing cold, all without hot buttered crumpets to sustain us.

But I actually love this time of year, when everything feels fresh and full of possibility. I might not keep any of my resolutions, in fact I’ve already broken one. Then again, who would start a new work-out routine on the first Monday of January without hot buttered crumpets as a reward? Exactly. No one. Luckily, one of my other resolutions is to not be so hard on myself this year.

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the christmas giveaway

By Marlene | Published: 14. December 2015


Do you have all of your Christmas presents yet?

I hope not. Because I did the shopping for you this year. It was easy, because I only picked things that I’d like to find underneath the tree myself. Then I called some Christmas elves who very generously helped get everything that I wanted. And now you can win the lot.

So even if you’ve already bought all of your presents, this one’s for you. A thank you for spending another year together on this blog, a big ol’ cheers for coming back here, even when I stopped blogging for four months, for hanging out and being kind and supportive and just cool. Thank you.

You can find the instructions of how to win at the end of the post. But first – the goods!

One winner, seven presents, here they are…

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