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one-sided love

By Marlene | Published: 20. October 2015


„How often am I going to wear it?“

There she is again, the voice of reason in the dressing room. Wants to know if I can see myself wearing whatever it is I’m trying on for the next five years. Or if it’s only going to last one season. Or if it’s at all possible that I’ll never wear it again after paying for it.

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a month in fashion (and other stuff) #4

By Marlene | Published: 12. October 2015


Last month, I pretended to be Beyoncé and booked an entire hotel in Copenhagen for myself. OK, so the hotel only has one room. Still. I felt like a star for one night. In no small part because the folks who run the Central Hotel have thought of everything: the room is beautifully designed yet cozy, it comes with an iPhone for the duration of the stay as well as fine extras, like Marvis toothpaste and postcards plus stamps, and cool cycles to keep pace with the bike-obsessed Copenhageners. I woke up from the soft light falling through the skylight above the bed and thought: this is TOO much. Then I discovered that breakfast would be served at Café Granola one street over, one of my favourite places in Copenhagen. A perfect stay.

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natural deodorant

By Marlene | Published: 7. October 2015


When was the last time you walked past Lush and thought: „I absolutely HAVE to go in for some exciting beauty finds“? You know, those shops that you can smell before you see them by their overwhelmingly sweet scent. My last visit was around the same time I went to Bodyshop and asked for a large bottle of White Musk. So in 199… nevermind.

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basics: the shirt dress

By Marlene | Published: 2. October 2015


Am I really going to admit how many times I hit ‘refresh’ until this shirt (dress) from Rika was finally – finally! – available in the onlineshop? So many times that I started to wonder if it was really going to be worth it or if I was merely talking myself into loving it. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d gotten set on a piece that ended up being a total setup (I’m looking at you, suede leather floppy hat that I thought would give me a certain Carine Roitfeld je ne sais quoi) (!). But when I put the shirt on for the first time, I knew I’d found a winner.

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leanne shapton on „women in clothes“

By Marlene | Published: 1. October 2015


The title already tells you that this is probably not going to be an ordinary book about fashion. Women in Clothes. It’s so straightforward. So modest and yet mightily bold, because it would be quite a task to cover the entire spectrum of women and their clothes.

What makes it in fact an extraordinary book about fashion is that it delivers on that promise and tells you even more than that broad title suggests. Heidi Julavits and Sheila Heti, both novelists, together with illustrator Leanne Shapton, who’s also a writer, wanted to very simply find out why women wear what they wear. So they sent questions to over 600 women, among them famous names like Lena Dunham, Miranda July and Kim Gordon, who appear next to seamstresses, teachers and trans women. The answers, which take the form of brief sidebars as well as extensive interviews, essays, pictorials and illustrations, are as diverse as the protagonists themselves and unveil how much more our clothes say about us than where we went shopping last week.

Perhaps these three women had to come along to remind us that you can be passionate about fashion without writing about either pompously or trivially. In any case you’re damn thankful for this stupendously clever, moving, wise and funny book which never fails to take you seriously.

It’s the fourth book I’ve read by Leanne Shapton, after Was She Pretty?, Important Artifacts… and Swimming Studies, and for all I care she could write an instruction manual for lawnmowers next, I’d buy it. She’s bafflingly brilliant at seeing magic in the mundane and uncovering beauty in our insecurities. When you’d love to meet someone as much as I did her, I almost didn’t have the guts to ask for this interview. But I had to, of course. And she’s as wonderful as I had hoped.

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