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win! overall from bobo choses

By Marlene | Published: 2. April 2015

If all goes according to plan, I will mostly spend Easter doing: a whole lot of nothing, snuggling with my two bunnies, watching kitschy movies and eating an unholy amount of hot cross buns.

And playing Easter bunny for you! Together with Smallable I’m giving away the „Petit Monster“ overall from Bobo Choses, one of my favourites for Arlo.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment below this post before midnight on April 9, answering the question: Which other pieces from Smallable would you pick to style the overall for your little monster? Please don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear immediately, I have to approve it first. Double entries don’t count. I will randomly select a winner who will then get to pick the overall in either 3M, 6M, 12M or 18M. Please don’t forget to leave your email address so that I can contact you. CLOSED! The winner is maulwurfshügelig (comment posted on 2. April 2015 at 18:56) Congratulations!

hemsley + hemsley’s acai bowl

By Marlene | Published: 1. April 2015


After I told you about the delicious recipes from Hemsley + Hemsley, I wanted to share my favourite for breakfast. The acai bowl is so refreshing and yummy, it might even turn me into a morning person. Plus, it takes about two and a half seconds to make.

Ingredients for two portions
| 2 tbsp freeze-dried acai berry powder
| 1/2 frozen banana
| 1 small avocado
| 2 tbsp coconut oil
| 150 g frozen berries
| 1 date, pitted
| 200 ml coconut water or water

Put the ingredients into a blender and blitz. Done!

Melissa and Jasmine suggest flaxseeds, goji berries, chia seeds or fresh banana slices as additional toppings. I also like it with toasted almond flakes, whole almonds and blueberries.

Taken from „The Art of Eating Well“

eating well with hemsley + hemsley

By Marlene | Published: 31. March 2015


The Hemsleys are coming to Berlin. The Hemsleys are coming to Berlin? Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

When I found out about their visit a few weeks ago, I briefly turned into a screaming teenager before I regained my composure and arranged to meet them. Which tells you how much I love their cookbook „The Art of Eating Well“. I love the blueberry pancakes with mango cashew creme and the acai bowl, the quicker-than-toast courgette salad and the toasted coconut green beans, the cucumber maki crab rolls and the black bean brownies. Holy moly, the black bean brownies!

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a month in fashion (and other stuff) #3

By Marlene | Published: 24. March 2015


It’s never the loud street style looks at the four big fashion weeks that get my attention but the little outfit details. One thing I noticed a lot in the slideshows that I’m adopting to my wardrobe: paisley print bandanas, worn as kerchiefs, on handbags, as hairbands. I’m also using them as bibs for Arlo, although surprisingly I didn’t see them styled that way in any of the street styles, ahem. I stocked up at an army store on Danziger Straße for 5€ apiece (as opposed to, say, 525€ for a bandana print silk scarf from Saint Laurent. My friend E. thinks that Hedi Slimane is just taking the piss now. I agree).

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dreamy pyjamas

By Marlene | Published: 18. March 2015


Confession: last night I went to bed in a pair of jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt. This was not an exception. Sure, it’s possible to sleep like that. But wouldn’t it be nicer in a proper pyjama? Like the one James wears from Brooks Brothers. I brought back a pair for him from England a few years back and I should’ve gotten one for myself. There’s something celebratory about getting dressed so neatly for bed, much like Don Draper in the 1960s (except we don’t smoke or drink Whiskey in bed).

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