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a new bracelet

By Marlene | Published: 29. January 2015


There comes a time when you have to admit that there are things in this life you’ll probably never learn. Like Japanese. Or knitting. Or the ability to stack bracelets. You know what I’m talking about. Some women excel at it, mixing a vintage men’s Rolex with three friendship bands, a Cartier bracelet, a wristband for the last Roskilde Open Air and a handful of jingling gold bangles, and making it look fabuous. I simply can’t master that look. Or rather, I find simple jewellery much easier to handle. Right now I’m wearing three delicate gold rings a lot, from by boe, Sabrina Dehoff and I need more rings. The gold Loop bracelet from TAKK fits right in: subtle, but striking. And at least as impressive looking as a wrist stacked with jewellery.

our fashion week diary

By Marlene | Published: 28. January 2015


Being Arlo’s mama and doing my job – how will we make it work together in the future? Answer: start by taking the baby to Berlin Fashion Week and see what happens. I wrote about the experience for Cybex, who outfitted us with a fittingly fashionable ride for the week, the new Priam buggy. You can read my diary here.

fashion week moment: kaviar gauche brides

By Marlene | Published: 26. January 2015


After the Kaviar Gauche show, a friend of mine said: „Makes you want to get married all over again, doesn’t it?“ Well, I haven’t been married yet. And if that day ever comes, I think I might like to wear something that provides a little more cover. But, oh my, you’d have to be stonehearted not to swoon at these amazingly detailed, beautifully made and, most of all, unapologetically romantic dresses.

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By Marlene | Published: 15. January 2015


What you see here is a problem.

Or: the result of some intense research?

Either way, when I recently emptied the contents of my beauty cupboard, I discovered nine – I repeat NINE – mascaras. Not pictured are the three I later found while going through my handbags. Makes twelve. Twelve mascaras for one woman. Hands up if that sounds familiar!

Clearly, I am unable to resist mascara ads that promise superextramegalonganddense lashes. Even though it’s perfectly obvious that the images are usually tuned with false lashes and a good helping of photoshop. But who cares about the truth! Not someone who has more mascara than sense.

When I chucked half of my collection because it had dried up, I realised that really only two of the twelve had convinced me. One is „Lash Power“ lengthening mascara from Clinique. It’s perfect: a small brush, which gets every lash without painting manga eyes, it also comes in a natural-looking dark brown and the price is reasonable. Unfortunately it’s not waterproof, which means that despite the promised 24-hour-formula, it starts disappearing by the end of the day and/or in rainy weather. The second is „False Lash Flutter Waterproof“ from L’Oréal. The look is less oh-I’m-not-wearing-any-make-up. But it’s called „False Lash“ for a reason. And it holds like superglue. Now if only there was a combination of the two…

Since I only just cleaned up, I probably shouldn’t ask. Oh, never mind! What’s your favourite?