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grey + neon = love

By Marlene | Published: 31. May 2013
Spruced_TheMarlene_SoftNeonYellow1 You know what goes really well with white jeans and a grey sweatshirt? Neon yellow. I'm obviously biased because of the name, but I'm still giddy with excitement that „The Marlene” is available again in neon yellow. When James made the original, so many of you wrote and asked about it. And now it's back! The shade is a little softer than the colour [...]


By James | Published: 18. October 2012
Spruced_MarleneMulti_1 Since I made that first "Marlene bag", it's fair to say I've made it in a few different colours. Some have been my idea, made simply because I wanted to, or because I found a leather that I just had to work with. Others have been made to match someone's look for a wedding or Christmas party. (more...)


By James | Published: 6. April 2012
Spruced_JamesCastle_NeonClutch1 What a terrible boyfriend I am, keeping secrets from Marlene! She gets to see all the things I design first, normally before they're even finished and when they're still being developed. With her away from Berlin for a month, I had the opportunity to work on a few things and keep them a surprise. Like this one... The Marlene clutch in neon yellow! I [...]