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my copenhagen | cecilie

By Marlene | Published: 12. November 2015
Spruced-Cityguide-Copenhagen-CecilieThorsmark1 It might be my genes, but visiting Copenhagen makes me feel like I’m going home, even though I’ve never lived there. I met Cecilie on one of my last trips when we worked together on a story I wrote. Once we got chatting, I knew that I wanted to ask her for her personal city guide to Copenhagen. She works as the head of PR for the Danish Fashion Institute [...]


By Marlene | Published: 4. February 2013
Spruced_Nue_Copenhagen1 After the shows in Stockholm and Copenhagen I'm back in Berlin and back from the parallel universe that is "fashion week". I really did feel like an alien some of the time. It's not that it doesn't seem like a pure luxury to me to look at nothing but clothes for five days and seriously think about what trouser length will be "important" next season. To eat [...]

b56 store

By Marlene | Published: 10. October 2012
Spruced_B56Store_1 Whenever anybody would ask me for travel tips for Copenhagen, I had to secretly ask my friends there for help. I might be (half) Danish. But as much as I love Copenhagen, I hadn't been to the city for more than a few days at a time since I was a teenager (and nobody ever asks me for tips on where to buy cheap beer). I finally couldn't resist my memories of [...]