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cocktail rings

By Marlene | Published: 18. July 2011
One of the places I took my ol' camera during Fashion Week was the Sabrina Dehoff presentation cocktail. I'm quite glad that I shot some film before I had my second drink, because these pieces of jewelry were just beautiful. Bright and bold and completely unusual. They looked fantastic in the display cases, but even better on the designer's own hands (that's [...]

a week in fashion #27

By Marlene | Published: 17. July 2011
*These shoes are proof that you shouldn't always believe the shop assistant who says: No, we don't have them in your size in any of our stores. I went anyway and they weren't sold out. And now they're mine! (more…)
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melanie’s jacket

By James | Published: 13. July 2011
Melanie came to me looking for a blazer in a boys' style. I kept the design very classic to make it a versatile, everyday jacket. The fabric I used is a Super120 fine wool in a light navy, setting it off against a lining in royal blue and finished it with vintage horn buttons. (more…)