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basics: the white summer dress

By Marlene | Published: 17. September 2013
So I'm sitting here wearing woolen socks, asking myself: how did this happen? It can't possibly be fall already, can it? I was on Majorca only three weeks ago. Fine, four weeks ago. In 33 degree weather! And now it's dark outside at 7pm, I fired up the heating for the first time last night and in the supermarket the crates of strawberrys have been replaced [...]

basics: the grey sweatshirt

By Marlene | Published: 30. May 2013
Here's another one of my favourite basics. Although I should say, my ONLY basic at the moment. I've been wearing this grey sweatshirt almost non-stop in the past few weeks, as summer has decided to go on holiday, presumably somewhere far far away. I'm fairly certain that I actually wore a scarf – a scarf! – the day I bought this sweater. It's from the [...]

basics: the pointy pumps

By Marlene | Published: 22. March 2013
Here's something else I learnt from my grandmother: One can never own too many shoes. And who would I be to question my grandmother's teachings? In fact, my shoe closet is proof that I have taken her lesson very seriously. These were a recent addition to the collection. I could try and justify why they are the fourth pair of black pointy pumps I have bought. [...]

basics: the black skirt

By Marlene | Published: 12. February 2013
Here's the next basic from my closet: the black skirt. You can see that, obviously. But this isn't all about a skirt. There's something else going on in these pictures, which is that they were taken on a day when I didn't feel at all as tough as I might look here. Rather the opposite. I had just spent 72 hours straight in front of the computer, I had a cold, [...]

basics: the white shirt

By Marlene | Published: 14. January 2013
I lived on the road and out of a suitcase for almost two months. Before that journey I thought: The horror! What am I going to do without all my clothes? How am I going to make do with only a handful of jeans, sweaters and shirts? When, despite everything I take with me, I'm sure I will want to wear the one exact thing I forgot to pack? I know now: You can [...]
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