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first look: eva & bernard

By Marlene | Published: 27. January 2011
Something I heard a lot during Fashion Week: "Well, it's Berlin." Meaning: it's not Paris, London or Milan. Which may be true. But it makes me wonder, why Berlin can't just be itself. Especially when meeting someone like the designer Nait Rosenfelder and her partner Roey Vollmann, who moved here from Tel Aviv to establish their own label Eva & Bernard two [...]
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By Marlene | Published: 24. January 2011
I didn't snap the woman in the bright orange fur coat, who was impossible to ignore in her bright orange fur coat before every show. But I did snap some of my favourite performers at Fashion Week. These guys. I noticed both of them from about a mile away. What I didn't notice until I got a little closer: they both prove that neither a buttoned up shirt nor [...]

a dream

By Marlene | Published:
It already seems like it was weeks ago, but one of the first runway presentations I saw at Berlin Fashion Week was the Dawid Tomaszewski show last Thursday. It stuck with me. (more…)
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