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my no. 1

By James | Published: 29. November 2011
I was thrilled to be asked to write about my five favourite things for the website Fünf Dinge, so of course I said yes immediately. Selecting just five things though, that took a little longer. One thing that was always going to be on the list was this: my sewing machine. You can read more about why and see the other four things I picked here. The story [...]

for keeps

By Marlene | Published: 28. November 2011
Is it really Monday again? Time for a new style column on Slomo. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sandra took pictures of my wardrobe. Which made me notice, just how many blue shirts I own. Which made her notice, how surprisingly reduced the contents of my closet are. Surprising, because: she had seen me in Paris, when I was extremly unreserved with [...]
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a week in fashion

By James | Published: 27. November 2011
*At the start of the week I saw a guy wearing a pair of dark red chinos. I thought they looked fantastic with his chunky wool sweater and peacoat. I instantly wanted a pair for myself, and thankfully didn't have to search for long because I found this pair at Allsaints. (more…)
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you either are or you aren’t

By James | Published: 23. November 2011
I don't know anyone that has just a couple of checked shirts, who wears them only occasionally. When it comes to plaid, it seems that you either are that kind of person or you aren't. And I most definitely am. I never really go shopping for them, I just see them when I'm out and once one catches my eye, I buy it despite the fact I already have a closet full [...]
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