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grey + neon = love

By Marlene | Published: 31. May 2013
You know what goes really well with white jeans and a grey sweatshirt? Neon yellow. I'm obviously biased because of the name, but I'm still giddy with excitement that „The Marlene” is available again in neon yellow. When James made the original, so many of you wrote and asked about it. And now it's back! The shade is a little softer than the colour [...]

basics: the grey sweatshirt

By Marlene | Published: 30. May 2013
Here's another one of my favourite basics. Although I should say, my ONLY basic at the moment. I've been wearing this grey sweatshirt almost non-stop in the past few weeks, as summer has decided to go on holiday, presumably somewhere far far away. I'm fairly certain that I actually wore a scarf – a scarf! – the day I bought this sweater. It's from the [...]

take this ring

By Marlene | Published: 27. May 2013
Okka asked me to share my favourite pieces of jewellery with her and you can read about all of them, and hers too, here (in German). This is the most recent piece I bought, the „50/50” ring from I Need More Rings, which they designed especially to be sold at Wald, and which got its name because it's silver on one side, gold on the other. I love how delicate [...]

my new scent: bal d’afrique from byredo

By Marlene | Published: 22. May 2013
For two days, the box with my new scent from Byredo stood unopened on my desk. I just couldn't bring myself to break the beautiful seal on the packaging. Coincidentally it was my birthday on Saturday, otherwise the perfume bottle would probably still be wrapped. The box alone is a present. Today I saw that Garance Doré did a whole series of pictures about [...]

la gamine

By Marlene | Published: 20. May 2013
This is the haircut every woman has in mind when she picks up the courage to walk into a hairdresser to say: Make me look like Jean Seberg in „Breathless”, please. I know it's the look I wanted when I wore my hair short. Except that my friend Nora pulls the style off in a way I never quite mastered. She's not from Paris, but she might as well be. Her [...]
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