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Monthly Archives: December 2011

australian national dress

By Marlene | Published: 29. December 2011
I thought I had packed every bit of clothing I could possibly need when we left for Australia. Then we arrived and I quickly realized that what I really needed were denim shorts. More precisely, white denim cut-offs. I couldn't quite believe myself when I bought these, because I would've walked straight past them at home. But here, the denim short is basically [...]

christmas menu

By Marlene | Published: 27. December 2011
On the morning of December 24, we got up, walked down the street and had breakfast at Café Gaia in South Yarra. It wasn't until we were halfway through the meal that we realised: It's Christmas! It just didn't seem normal to be able to sit outside in late December. (more…)

a week in fashion #50

By Marlene | Published: 23. December 2011
This week, we caught two very long flights, spent a rainy day in Shanghai and - finally! - landed in Melbourne yesterday. We thought we'd spent Christmas in the sun this year and so far the plan has worked out beautifully: it's 26 degrees and getting warmer by the minute... My itinerary for Day 1: sit in the sun, read my favourite fashion magazine and [...]
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