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the one

By Marlene | Published: 30. June 2011
James didn't have much trouble getting a smile out of me for this picture. Wouldn't you be smiling too, if you were wearing your new Marc by Marc Jacobs dress? (more…)

applying for a job with def leppard

By Marlene | Published: 22. June 2011
If the answer to the question "What did you do today?" is: Oh, I just spent the day at a fashion shoot, prancing around in a snakeskin suit and feeling like I should be in an 80s rock band - well, then it wasn't a bad day at all.
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By Marlene | Published: 20. June 2011
I've been looking forward to taking these pictures for a long time. In fact, there isn't a wardrobe I've been wanting to photograph more. Okka and I have known each other for close to eight years. A lot has happened in that time. We moved cities. We met the men in our lives. She had her daughter Fanny and I became a godmother. Okka is no longer the blonde [...]
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a week in fashion #23

By Marlene | Published: 19. June 2011
*I just spent the afternoon taking pictures of my lovely friend Okka's closet (check back for the pics tomorrow...) and I showed her this snapshot I had taken earlier in the day at a flea market, which got us talking about how Jean Seberg is to thank for much of our wardrobes and to blame for having our hair cut very, very short. Having the Seberg haircut - it's [...]