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what i wore in may

By Marlene | Published: 31. May 2017
As part of my bold resolution to blog more regularly, I’ve set myself the goal of sharing a favourite piece of clothing once a month. Once a month seems like a) a realistic timeframe. And b) just realistic. I treat favourite clothes the same way I treat favourite songs: I will have them on repeat until I can’t stand them anymore. Although I’ll probably [...]
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studio visit || nobi talai

By Marlene | Published: 12. May 2017
Fashion revolves around speed. It’s often driven by the next trend, the next bag, the next piece for Instagram, faster, faster, faster. Depending on the time of year, my account balance and Instagram usage, I’ll let myself get swept away and want an off-the-shoulder blouse / some mirrored sunglasses / a Jane Birkin tribute picnic basket RIGHT THIS MINUTE. [...]