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Monthly Archives: February 2014

too beautiful

By Marlene | Published: 28. February 2014
Of course, it would be pointless to buy a beauty product that’s too beautiful to use. And yet I've had this lipstick for weeks now and have still to try it for the first time. Sometimes I open the packaging, press the push button that opens the tube and look at the fancy Chanel lettering. Then put everything back in its place. I just can't bring myself [...]

junior approved content

By Marlene | Published: 23. February 2014
„Marlene, we’d like to send you one of our jeans. Take your pick.“ That’s about as far as I got in the email before I popped right over to the MiH online shop.* How did they guess that I’d had one of their jeans on my wish list for a long time? I knew which model I wanted almost straight away. Then I sent my reply: „That’s a very kind offer. [...]

label love: rodebjer

By Marlene | Published: 22. February 2014
Why did I not have Rodebjer on my radar until now? After browsing Carin Rodebjer's collection for next fall, I went straight to the online shop for a look at what she has in stock for summer. And I like that even better. It's Swedish minimal, but with a relaxed hippie vibe. Minimal hippie? Why not. I've read so many show reviews in the last couple of weeks [...]

jewelry by lara bohinc

By Marlene | Published: 19. February 2014
I can count the jewelry that I wear every day on one hand: a few precious rings, my watch, a couple of necklaces, all quite simple, nothing too loud. It suits me best. But Lara Bohinc me dream of everyday jewelry that has a little more drama. When I visited their Berlin showroom, Lucy, who does PR for Bohinc, was wearing one of the Lunar Eclipse necklaces [...]

a week in fashion #91

By Marlene | Published: 5. February 2014
*These days, I'm usually in bed by 9pm. As it happens, I could keep myself awake longer tonight, so I thought I'd use the chance to do a new „week in fashion“. Whenever baby lets me – that's the new motto around here. Last week, James and I went to London to meet his new nephew (that's it with the baby talk for this post, promise) and since we were [...]
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