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a week in fashion #91

By Marlene | Published: 5. February 2014


*These days, I’m usually in bed by 9pm. As it happens, I could keep myself awake longer tonight, so I thought I’d use the chance to do a new „week in fashion“. Whenever baby lets me – that’s the new motto around here. Last week, James and I went to London to meet his new nephew (that’s it with the baby talk for this post, promise) and since we were there anyway, I jumped at the chance to also visit the Isabella Blow exhibition „Fashion Galore!“ at Somerset House. It’s a wonderful look back her life and clothes, although ‘clothes’ doesn’t really do them justice. You stand in front of these creations by her protéges like Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy and can’t help but see fashion as a form of art. And Isabella was a spectacular curator. Above is a stealth snapshot I took with my phone of a sculpture made out of stuffed animals and feathers by Noble & Webster that shows her silhouette when illuminated. Beautiful.

*If you’re in London already, don’t miss the David Bailey show at the National Portrait Gallery with 250 of his iconic images. It looks like it’s stunning.

*Know what’s good? Delicately sculptured jewellery by Jana Patz for The Medley Institute.

*And while we’re on the subject of good: Do you still think of green fashion as granola clothes? You won’t after you visit one of my favourite new blogs Fairaporter.

*Zara is delivering once again with their new spring/summer lookbook, styled by Marie-Amélie Sauve, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. Suddely, I want palms and potted plants in every room.

*While the sales are still on, I’m dreaming about this coat from Studio Nicholson. Paired with these pants.

*Let’s all wear foulards!

*The floorlength silk dresses from Nili Lotan is what I imagine myself in at imaginary summer cocktail parties. The rest of this New York brand looks wonderfully classic as well.

*I wonder who of us will break down first and post a picture of herself in denim dungarees? My lovely friend Steffi is pregnant too (I lied. There was going to be one more mention of babies in this post). Here’s her darling announcement. (in German)

*This has got nothing to with fashion and everything with Philip Seymour Hoffman passing away long before he should have. He has made everything that I’ve ever seen him in better and it’s a sad thought that films are so much worse off with him gone. One of these days, I’m going to watch „Almost Famous“ again, if only for this: „The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we’re uncool.“

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  1. Pia
    Posted 7. February 2014 at 07:06 | Permalink

    an dem spruch ist echt viel wahres dran in unserer sebstinszenierungs-glitzerwelt.
    wenn man in tiefgehenden gespraechen mit nahen menschen den schutzwall komplett weglassen kann, ist das wirklich sehr bereichernd.

    herzlichen glueckwuensch zum baby noch, marlene.
    ich wuensche euch alles gute!

    • Marlene
      Posted 22. February 2014 at 19:19 | Permalink

      Dank Dir, Pia! Und sehr recht hast Du: Uncool ist am coolsten.

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