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a week in fashion #33

By Marlene | Published: 29. August 2011
*James and I spent the weekend first hoping, then despairing, then trying to forget football exists (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, I would like to congratulate you on your wise decision not to be interested in football). I decided that the best way to get over both HSV and Arsenal's unbelievable defeats was to buy shoes. (So is there an excuse that [...]


By Marlene | Published: 27. August 2011
I spent some time at Studio Gnädinger this week on a photoshoot and completely fell for the space. So much that I came home wanting to redecorate our entire apartment (James is not as big a fan of the idea as I am. I wonder why?). I love the muted colours and the mix of modern and old. And the disco balls are obviously just brilliant. So I'm spending my [...]
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By Marlene | Published: 26. August 2011
We had met a few times before, but Steffi and I really got to know each other on my very first day at a new job. We were going to share an office. Before I even had time to put down my bag and get nervous about being the new girl once again, she got up from her chair, hugged me and said: "I'm so happy you're here!" It didn't matter to her that we were practically [...]
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summer crop

By James | Published: 25. August 2011
With the exception of a couple of misguided haircuts while at university (okay, more than a couple), I've always kept my hair pretty simple. Meaning I've worn it either one of two ways: A close crop in the summer. A close crop with the top left longer in the winter. My hair has a mind all of its own and trying anything different can lead to disastrous consequences. [...]
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a week in fashion #32

By Marlene | Published: 20. August 2011
*My mom insists that I got my shoe obsession from her mom. But I think it was she who started it - by buying me red cowboy boots as my first pair of proper shoes! I love that she kept them all these years. And I love looking at pictures of her from back then, as I have done this week while spending some time at their house, my old home. Makes me wish she had [...]
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