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a week in fashion #32

By Marlene | Published: 20. August 2011

*My mom insists that I got my shoe obsession from her mom. But I think it was she who started it – by buying me red cowboy boots as my first pair of proper shoes! I love that she kept them all these years. And I love looking at pictures of her from back then, as I have done this week while spending some time at their house, my old home. Makes me wish she had kept some of her clothes so I could steal them from her now…

*Had a good laugh over this piece in the Guardian about smug couple bloggers. My, sorry, our only question is: Hipstamatic? Please! It’s all about Instagram.

*Yes! Is what I’ve got to say about The Fall Fashion Issue from New York Magazine, especially about this feature showing fashion folks in “their natural habitats”.

*Altewai Saome. Altewai Saome. Altewai Saome – is the name I’ve kept reading in some of the Scandinavian fashion blogs lately. And one worth remembering. Because: just look at their stuff!

*Pretty. And pretty weird. The Løv video from Vanessa Bruno featuring Kate Bosworth.

*James showed me this and now I’m showing you: a documentary about the tailors on Savile Row facing competition from Abercrombie & Fitch. A rare, intriguing and very amusing glimpse into a world that operates after its very own rules.

*And speaking of Abercrombie: I’ve never seen “Jersey Shore”, but even I can see why the label would pay one of the dudes on there to NOT wear their clothes. (Remember when Tom Ford banned Gucci from selling cothes to Posh Spice? Long gone days…)

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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    And I thought my first shoes were cool, but yours are unsurpassable.

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