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summer crop

By James | Published: 25. August 2011

With the exception of a couple of misguided haircuts while at university (okay, more than a couple), I’ve always kept my hair pretty simple. Meaning I’ve worn it either one of two ways: A close crop in the summer. A close crop with the top left longer in the winter. My hair has a mind all of its own and trying anything different can lead to disastrous consequences. I am comfortable with how it looks, so why change things? This year I wanted to avoid my usual summer ritual of cropping it all off, but after seeing some photos of me taken on a particularly windy day I suddenly had a change of heart; it had to go.

I’m sure a couple of months down the line I will get bored and grow it back to exactly the way it was, although I do sometimes want to be more adventurous and try something new. I could even try to convince myself that all those university cuts weren’t so bad. But those thoughts would only last as long as it would take Marlene to dig some old pictures of me. Whoever said that men are supposed to have hair, not haircuts was right.

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