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something for the weekend…

By Marlene | Published: 30. September 2011
Since I'm in Paris this weekend, the list of what's making me happy is pretty short: I'm in Paris this weekend! Seeing Natalie Joos from Tales of Endearment smiling in her bright-blue dress is putting me in an even better mood today. And maybe you too, wherever you're spending your weekend - like Okka in Berlin and Steffi in Hamburg.

one size fits all

By Marlene | Published:
I like the idea of a small handbag. More precisely, I like THIS small handbag. And I really like the idea of this small handbag right now, because my shoulders have not forgiven me for lugging around a massive bag all day. One problem: If I downsize, what would I do with all my stuff? The camera lenses and the survival pack of cookies and the bunched-up city [...]


By Marlene | Published: 28. September 2011
I arrived in Paris last night, and after spending a very relaxed evening drinking red wine at Café Crème in the Marais with Sandra, my roommate for the week, we hit the ground running today. Well, she did. I discovered that I still have much to learn about Paris during Fashion Week. Such as: remember to charge the batteries for your camera before leaving [...]


By Marlene | Published: 27. September 2011
"Got some new boots to show you". That was all the email from my friend Marie said and all I needed to hear to take my camera to her place. Although I wasn't surprised to find lots of great things in her wardrobe to take pictures of, not just the boots. (more…)
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