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one size fits all

By Marlene | Published: 30. September 2011

I like the idea of a small handbag. More precisely, I like THIS small handbag. And I really like the idea of this small handbag right now, because my shoulders have not forgiven me for lugging around a massive bag all day. One problem: If I downsize, what would I do with all my stuff? The camera lenses and the survival pack of cookies and the bunched-up city maps and used Metro tickets and the flat sandals for changing into after half a day in heels. Especially the flat sandals. Because as much as my shoulders hate me right now, my feet would hate me even more (the argument that I could just wear flats all day is a good argument, and yet: sometimes you just want to be in heels). So, no, I don’t think a small handbag is for me. Unfortunately.

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