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treasure chest

By Marlene | Published: 30. March 2011
I would like to be the kind of woman who manages to find a Dior dress even at the most provincial flea market. You know the type. That woman who shows up at a party wearing a dress that you've never seen anywhere else before and looking sensational in it. And when you ask her where she got it from, she inevitably answers: "Oh that? That's vintage." Bought [...]
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By Marlene | Published: 28. March 2011
If I could raid anyone's shoe closet, it would be Elisabeth's. There are the Chloé ankle boots, the Isabel Marant pumps, the Alaia booties, the Porselli ballerinas. She doesn't have hundreds of pairs, she just has exactly the ones that everyone else ends up admiring. Same goes for the jewellry. In the months we spent working together last year, she wore [...]
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the leather tote

By James | Published: 24. March 2011
I'm not exactly sure when I dreamt up this bag, but I do know I've wanted it for a long time. I've had bags in similar shapes before and think that kind of soft, slouchy bag is perfect for long summer days, when you're carrying things from morning to night. Only the others have always been made from canvas, and what I really wanted was one in leather. [...]

sunny feeling

By Marlene | Published: 23. March 2011
Wearing my new cat eye sunnies from Weekday, drinking home-made lemonade at Antipodes and enjoying plenty of sun today. I can't wait for summer!
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