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love for the double-breasted blazer

By Marlene | Published: 21. March 2011
I dress quite simply. That probably doesn't sound very interesting. It certainly didn't seem to me like my wardrobe was interesting enough for a while, which is why I tried quite a few things so that nobody would notice. I have tried hippie dresses and cheesecloth shirts, sneakers and mesh vests, tube tops and sparkly earrings. Did you do that whole Sienna [...]


By Marlene | Published: 17. March 2011
Japan has been in our thoughts all week. If you're thinking about helping, here are a few things you can do: (more…)
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worth the wait

By James | Published:
I was looking for a pair of brown leather shoes like these last summer. I saw a few guys with round-toed leather oxfords and thought they looked great with rolled jeans and chinos, or even tailored shorts. The only problem was that (other than a Prada pair that I couldn't really afford), they weren't easy to find. Thankfully this summer there are plenty [...]
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