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love for the double-breasted blazer

By Marlene | Published: 21. March 2011

I dress quite simply. That probably doesn’t sound very interesting. It certainly didn’t seem to me like my wardrobe was interesting enough for a while, which is why I tried quite a few things so that nobody would notice. I have tried hippie dresses and cheesecloth shirts, sneakers and mesh vests, tube tops and sparkly earrings. Did you do that whole Sienna Miller thing? Because I did! And none of it really worked. Or: it doesn’t work as well on me as a pair of well-cut trousers, a basic blouse and some nice heels. Basically something classic, fitted, borrowed from the boys. I still get the urge to stray occasionally (Sure, I can wear long skirts! Who cares that they make me look like I’m five foot two! Bring it on!). But I’ve finally realized that there is a reason why I am drawn to the same things again and again. I feel comfortable in them. They suit me.

So when James made this men’s jacket I knew that it was exactly what I wanted for myself: a smart, classic double-breasted wool blazer that I can wear with, yes, a pair of well-cut trousers and basic blouse (or flared jeans and a t-shirt. Or a skirt und light sweater). Now I’ve got the blazer – and I love it. And knowing that I will love it for the next 20 years should make the decision not to buy things that aren’t as good a whole lot easier.

If you like the blazer and want one for yourself, you know what to do: write James at mail at jamescastle dot de

Top picture by Sandra Semburg.

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  1. nana
    Posted 24. March 2011 at 21:41 | Permalink

    du siehst aus wie meryl streep, nur 10 Jahre jünger

  2. marlene
    Posted 24. March 2011 at 23:24 | Permalink

    Ich merke mir: Ich sehe aus wie Meryl Streep. Ich ignoriere, dass ich aussehe wie 50, ähem.

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