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By Marlene | Published: 13. August 2020

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There’s perhaps never a bad time to be asked: „May we send you our spa kit to try?“ Although the timing was particularly good here. After months in isolation my skin had become terribly dry and the idea of replenishing it with a trip to the Nordic Home Spa with NUORI sounded very enticing.

I had already heard good things about the Danish skincare brand and was interested to find out if the products would meet my expectations. The concept sounded promising: 100 percent natural products, free from parabens, mineral oils, silicones and sulfates, made fresh every 10-12 weeks so that the ingredients can retain their full effect.

The Nordic Home Spa Kit contains five products: Vital Foaming Cleanser, Supreme Moisture Mask, Lip Treat, Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum and Supreme Polishing Treatment. If you’d like to see what my skin looked like after three weeks of using these products: here’s the video – my first ever IGTV. As it’s in German, this is what I said…

The Supreme Moisture Mask with hyaluronic acid (bolstering), rose water, shea butter and chamomile extract (calming), squalane and glycerin (hydrating) works as a 10-15 minute quickie or, which is how I used it, as an overnight mask. Compared to other overnight masks I’ve tried this one doesn’t lay heavy on the skin. It feels lightweight but still effective. My skin appeared well-rested, recovered and soothed in the morning.

By the way: I first learnt about squalane, a colourless oil, and glycerin through Sali Hughes, the Guardian’s beauty columnist. I’ve sung her praises on Spruced before, but it bears repeating that she’s my go-to source whenever I want to find out more about an ingredient or am generally looking for recommendations. Hughes is incredibly competent and writes about beauty with ease, candour, wit and humour.

The Vital Foaming Cleanser is creamy yet thorough and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, which has often been my experience with foaming cleansers. It’s also rich in enzymes – more about which in a second –, antioxidants, calming oat kernel extract and anti-inflammatory radish root extract. Plus: it also contains that wonderful ingredient glycerin again.

After cleansing I add a few drops of the Infinity Bio-Fusion Serum to my day cream. The Nordic Home Spa Kit contains only a sample of the serum and the cost is a good clue why. I’m not sure I’d indulge myself with the regular sized serum at that price. On the other hand: it IS terrifically effective. I’m convinced that it has „uncreased“ my face, made my skin appear plumped and fresher. The key ingredients are bakuchiol, a natural and gentler alternative to the more aggressive retinol, hyaluronic acid, ceramids and vitamin C that strenghten the skin barrier and even out the complexion.

The spa kit also comes with the Supreme Polishing Treatment, again in a sample size. It’s a two-part peeling that you mix yourself, which, I’ll be perfectly honest here, seemed a little two much effort, but then again: we were in lockdown, I only had about ten minutes to myself in the bath in the morning. When I did use it, the soft peeling (the enzymes exfoliate without being abrasive) made my skin look more refined.

I hardly ever use lip balm, but these last few months my lips have been so cracked and dry that I was thankful to have Lip Treat: a balm that doesn’t, like so many of them, get the skin „addicted“. I dabbed a little of it on my lips in the morning and evening which helped plenty. The texture melts into the skin and works almost instantly. Lip treat is with avocado, shea and cocoa butter, sweet almond and apricot oils, berry and beeswax. And has a lovely, lightly minty taste.

In addition to the Nordic Home Spa Kit, NUORI kindly sent me the Mineral Defense Sunscreen, which is one of their bestsellers. Not surprisingly as it’s the only mineral sunscreen I’ve tried so far that doesn’t coat the skin in a thick white layer. It dissolves almost immediately, has a lovely matte finish yet still feels nourishing. I have taken it it with me every time I’ve left the house this summer. Contains all of the good stuff (zinc oxide, prine extract and sunflower seed oil) and none of the bad stuff (nano particles, titanium oxide, chemical fillers).

This article contains the names of brands and products and therefore has to be lawfully labeled as ADVERTISEMENT. It also features affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through one of the links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. The products were gifted to me by NUORI. However, all editorial decisons, from choice and presentation of pictures to style and tone of writing, were made by me and not decided upon or influenced by the partner.

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