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By Marlene | Published: 27. August 2011

I spent some time at Studio Gnädinger this week on a photoshoot and completely fell for the space. So much that I came home wanting to redecorate our entire apartment (James is not as big a fan of the idea as I am. I wonder why?). I love the muted colours and the mix of modern and old. And the disco balls are obviously just brilliant. So I’m spending my Saturday on the couch, browsing my favourite webshops and collecting inspiration. Both The Peanut Vendor and EZ pace sell vintage furniture and other finds that don’t cost a fortune. I could spend hours on Bodie and Fou, as well as on Lunoa. And if CB2 has reasonable shipping prices to Germany, well, I would still be bancrupt. Sissy Boy have some beautifully designed things for the home. Mjölk‘s stuff is so well-made that the question of whether you NEED it seems superfluous. (Do I really have to have a brass bottle opener? Of course I do!)

So what are your favourite places to shop for your home?

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