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too beautiful

By Marlene | Published: 28. February 2014
Of course, it would be pointless to buy a beauty product that’s too beautiful to use. And yet I've had this lipstick for weeks now and have still to try it for the first time. Sometimes I open the packaging, press the push button that opens the tube and look at the fancy Chanel lettering. Then put everything back in its place. I just can't bring myself [...]

new frames

By Marlene | Published: 5. June 2013
It's funny. I wear my glasses almost every day, but I don't really think about what they look like most of the time. A matter of habit I guess. My glasses are a utility item, not just practical but necessary. After five years with the same frames, I've decided I need new ones. I've been wearing a RayBan Wayfarer until now and I'm looking for something similar [...]