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basics: the grey sweatshirt

By Marlene | Published: 30. May 2013
Here's another one of my favourite basics. Although I should say, my ONLY basic at the moment. I've been wearing this grey sweatshirt almost non-stop in the past few weeks, as summer has decided to go on holiday, presumably somewhere far far away. I'm fairly certain that I actually wore a scarf – a scarf! – the day I bought this sweater. It's from the [...]

good day sunshine

By Marlene | Published: 5. March 2013
Where do I begin with telling you what the sudden change in weather has done to me? How about this: I woke up before the alarm at 8 yesterday morning, looked at the sun streaming through the windows, jumped out of bed and went for a run. A run! At 8 in the morning! And I was happy about it! There aren't enough exclamation marks to point out how very unlike [...]

the danish design love fest continues

By Marlene | Published: 16. January 2013
So the sun still isn't shining on Berlin. So what. I discovered this brand of sunglasses at the SEEK fashion fair yesterday. It's called Han Kjøbenhavn and how could it not be Danish with that name? And how could I not show you these glasses right away when they're the perfect addition to what I wrote about Danish design here and here last week? Good design, [...]