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the 2016 christmas giveaway

By Marlene | Published: 5. December 2016
Can I mention my book? Just one more time? Yes? I’ve talked about it so much here lately that I’d understand if it was getting a bit annoying. But I MUST tell you about Stilvoll again today. Because one of you who bought the book through my relentless harping on aboutthisbookiwrote, or perhaps even for other reasons, is going to get a present. In fact, [...]

my new scent: bal d’afrique from byredo

By Marlene | Published: 22. May 2013
For two days, the box with my new scent from Byredo stood unopened on my desk. I just couldn't bring myself to break the beautiful seal on the packaging. Coincidentally it was my birthday on Saturday, otherwise the perfume bottle would probably still be wrapped. The box alone is a present. Today I saw that Garance Doré did a whole series of pictures about [...]