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the five minute fix || home office

By Marlene | Published: 1. December 2016
A couple of months ago I got a sweet email from someone who’d bought my book. Here’s some of what it said: „If you ever write a follow-up to Stilvoll, it would be great to include some tips for working from home. I’m always looking for an alternative to jogging pants, yoga wear and pajamas.“ As it’s currently taking me months to answers emails, [...]

you either are or you aren’t

By James | Published: 23. November 2011
I don't know anyone that has just a couple of checked shirts, who wears them only occasionally. When it comes to plaid, it seems that you either are that kind of person or you aren't. And I most definitely am. I never really go shopping for them, I just see them when I'm out and once one catches my eye, I buy it despite the fact I already have a closet full [...]
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