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you either are or you aren’t

By James | Published: 23. November 2011

I don’t know anyone that has just a couple of checked shirts, who wears them only occasionally. When it comes to plaid, it seems that you either are that kind of person or you aren’t. And I most definitely am. I never really go shopping for them, I just see them when I’m out and once one catches my eye, I buy it despite the fact I already have a closet full of them. I’m much too easily tempted by a colour combination or design that I don’t already have.

But here’s my reasoning: a plaid shirt is surprisingly versatile. I often start with a shirt when putting an outfit together. The fact that they contain more than one colour means they can go together with a lot of different pieces. The last one I got is a blue flannel one from Fred Perry. At the moment I like it matched with grey chinos, a chunky knit cardigan and some brown brouges.

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