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By Marlene | Published: 24. September 2012
Aaaahhhh, autumn. That wonderful time of year. When chestnusts start falling. When the air feels crisp. When I cuddle up on the sofa with a big mug of tea. When... when I realise that I need a new pair of winter boots. Nooooooo! I enjoy shopping for winter boots about as much as I enjoy February in Berlin. Every year, I look for something practical and [...]
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under wear

By Marlene | Published: 6. August 2012
Like every Monday, my friend Okka has a question for me. Here it is: Okka: A couple of weeks ago, Kati commented: Where can I find perfect, plain and affordable underwear - or am I the only one who occasionally looks at beautiful, but sinfully expensive underwear, but has been wearing the same old stuff for years? No, Kati, you're not the only. So I'll [...]
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travel beauty

By Marlene | Published: 30. July 2012
Monday - time for the new style column. Every week, my friend Okka asks me a style question which I then try to answer in a way that makes me look like I know what I'm talking about. So far, we've covered t-shirts and parkas. Okka and I are having a lot of fun with this. And hopefully so are you. Now, to the question... (more…)

to a tee

By Marlene | Published: 16. July 2012
The style column got a bit of a makeover. Starting today, Okka will ask me a style question every week that I will try to answer in a way that'll make me look like a total expert. You can read our Q&As on Slomo. And in English right here. And here's her first question... Okka: Not sure how long I've been searching for the perfect t-shirt, probably [...]
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