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By Marlene | Published: 23. July 2012

It’s Monday. Which can only mean one thing: The new style column is here. And Okka’s question is this…

Okka: I never told you this, but ever since we first met, I’ve wanted your parka. You came into the office, said “Hi, I’m Marlene”, and took off this incredibly cool jacket. My first thought: “Shit, she’s great. Please let us be friends one day.” Second thought: “I need a parka like that.” I still haven’t found one. And in a way, it belongs to you. Whenever I think about it, I have this image of us ten years ago: How we’re sitting in your kitchen, drinking beer, drowning my boy troubles. How we’re going to the stadion together. How we’re sharing cigarettes out on the balcony, bitching about our boss. When I stood in line at the supermarket check-out a few days ago, the man in front of me wore a very similar parka and my wish returned: a parka, in basil green or camouflage, pretty plain. Any ideas?

You know, don’t you, that you’re the reason I still have that parka? Just before we both moved to Berlin, I took a heap of clothes to the flea market and the jacket was in that heap. I just hadn’t worn it in so long. Then you came by and practically forbid me to sell it. And I could still thank you for that! I took the parka out of my wardrobe again a couple of months ago and now I’m wearing it pretty much every day, just like all those years ago. I don’t remember where I bought it. And without my friend Lexi, I still wouldn’t know what type of camouflage it is. She tells me it’s: Woodland. Lexi herself, expert for all things stylish, likes the “Flecktarn” camouflage. I like that, too. My guess is that the best place to find one quickly and cheaply is an army shop. Another place to go: Urban Outfitters. I found this parka there. Another good alternative is this one from Asos. I’m kind of questioning the purpose of a fur collar on an army jacket, but at least it’s detachable. These don’t have a camo print, but would still end up in my shopping bag: this one, again from Urban Outfitters and, for the great cut alone, this one from Topshop. Although my favourite is perhaps a parka from The Kooples. Best of all: it’s on sale! We should celebrate that with a few beers.

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