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By Marlene | Published: 6. August 2012

Like every Monday, my friend Okka has a question for me. Here it is:

Okka: A couple of weeks ago, Kati commented: Where can I find perfect, plain and affordable underwear – or am I the only one who occasionally looks at beautiful, but sinfully expensive underwear, but has been wearing the same old stuff for years? No, Kati, you’re not the only. So I’ll pass the question to Marlene!

Oh, if only you guys could see my underwear drawer! Thankfully you can’t. I’ve been meaning to clean it out for a while. So why haven’t I? Probably because I’m the only one who sees my underwear. Well, you know, almost the only one. And yet I feel instantly better when I’m wearing something as pretty underneath as I am on top. In the darkblue set from Cos it’s almost guaranteed to be a good day. However, if I put on the faded pair of knickers from H&M with a hole in the side seam, I might as well spend the rest of the day in a pair of jogging bottoms (yes, with a hole in the seam. You have a pair like that, right? RIGHT?). It really is time to throw those out. And replace them with some plain and perfect underwear from A.O.cms, who don’t just know how to make t-shirts but briefs too (briefs being the best cut, I think). Cos doesn’t offer a huge selection, but a good one and I go there especially for their seamless panties, which feel like wearing next to nothing and therefor just great. They’re my alternative for the best underwear I’ve found so far: Bonds from Australia. I’m waiting for the news that they’ll start shipping to Germany every day. And if ever the money fairy pays me an overnight visit, I’m going on a shopping spree at VPL and Stella McCartney. I just saw that Kati wrote with a great tip herself: underwear from Muji. Thanks, Kati!

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  1. hanna
    Posted 6. August 2012 at 12:57 | Permalink

    hej, das problem kenne ich nur zu gut und ich möchte auch endlich ordnung in meiner schublade haben…. ich strebe es an, nur noch wenig farbe als under wear zu tragen – die klassiker weiß, grau, schwarz… lasse mich aber gern inspirieren. tolle unterwäsche macht auch tchibo, zumindest mag ich die gern tragen, ich steh nicht so auf syntetik. auch tolle wäsche ist von princess tam tam. preislich kann das mit cos mithalten und ist auch super bequem und schlicht.

    • Marlene
      Posted 11. August 2012 at 08:51 | Permalink

      Hallo Hanna! Danke für deine Tipps. Tchibo? Echt? Denkt man gar nicht. Kurzer Blick auf die Webseite: Ja, da könnte ich auch was finden. Und, natürlich, Princesse Tam Tam! Wie konnte ich das vergessen…

  2. Lara Maria
    Posted 8. August 2012 at 14:22 | Permalink

    nice blog

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