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By Marlene | Published: 24. September 2012

Aaaahhhh, autumn. That wonderful time of year. When chestnusts start falling. When the air feels crisp. When I cuddle up on the sofa with a big mug of tea. When… when I realise that I need a new pair of winter boots. Nooooooo!

I enjoy shopping for winter boots about as much as I enjoy February in Berlin. Every year, I look for something practical and warm, yet not completely hideous or as pricey as a snowmobile. Every year I despair. So when Okka asked me for my picks of good boots, I mainly went for: not completely hideous. I’ll just have to find some fur-lined soles to go with them.

You can see my favourites over at Slomo.

P.S. The ones above are my pair from last winter. They came from Cos, are fairly warm, pretty comfortable, not too pricey and they still look great after four months in the sludge. Not perfect, but close. So it IS possible to find winter boots. It only took me three months last year.

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