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last days of summer

By James | Published: 25. September 2012

Saturday was the officially the first day of autumn, and boy did it feel like it. Despite the sun shining it felt 10 degrees colder, it was windy, and horse chestnuts littered the pavements like marbles on a childrens playmat. Grudgingly, giving in to the change in season, I had to put on some socks.

And so starts the process of switching my summer wardrobe for the winter one. I have so many pieces that I just can’t wear during the cold months, besides the obvious shorts and straw hat. A floral print shirt that doesn’t feel right when everything around you is grey and dying. A polo shirt in a shade of yellow that makes my skin look transparent if it hasn’t had the benefit of the sun shining on it for months. An off-white pair of trousers that look dirty the very second it starts raining. But I know when I pack it all away for the next six months I won’t feel too disheartened. The box containing the coats, scarfs and jumpers has so many things that I actually look forward to wearing again.

There is one big exception: all my summer shoes. Shoes like these, suede, slip-on, definitively worn with no socks. The least practical combination for winter possible. So while Marlene has been fretting about finding a new pair of boots, I’m going to pray for just a couple more days of summer. Days warm enough to wear them one more time before they disappear until April.

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