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By Marlene | Published: 16. July 2012

The style column got a bit of a makeover. Starting today, Okka will ask me a style question every week that I will try to answer in a way that’ll make me look like a total expert. You can read our Q&As on Slomo. And in English right here.

And here’s her first question…

Okka: Not sure how long I’ve been searching for the perfect t-shirt, probably my whole life. Either they’re too sheer – and I don’t like it when a shirt is see-through. Or they’re too heavy. They’re either too expensive or they shrink to a child’s size in the first wash. I’d like to find a simple, soft, not too sheer, affordable t-shirt in light grey with a round collar. Marlene, will you accept this mission?

A couple of years ago, a colleague asked me: “You’re going to New York? You have to get me a pack of Hanes t-shirts. Have to! The men’s style. You’ll find them in the supermarket.” I did consider saying to her: “I’m going to New York – and all you want are some lousy t-shirts?” But she always looked stunning, so I went to the supermarket and bought a pack of t-shirts for myself, too. And then I wore them until they looked like cleaning rags. These tees have a classic and simple cut, you can easily roll up the sleeves (role model: James Dean. Which is why it’s essential to get the men’s style) and they don’t cost more than a fistful of dollars. Or Euros. Because you don’t have to travel to the States anymore to buy them, you can get them right here. Another favourite brand: A.O.cms, again in the men’s style. I buy mine, like the one in the picture, from Soto Store. If there’s any way I can convince you, Okka, to give the slightly threadbare t-shirt another chance, maybe it’s this: try the linen tees from Zara, a great recommendation from my friend Charlotte. And here’s another tip, this one from my friend Sandra: t-shirts from The Kooples. They cost a bit more than a fistful of Euros, but they’re also made from silk and – I saw it on Sandra – have the perfect fit.

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