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lala land

By Marlene | Published: 17. January 2013
The Lala Berlin show is always something I look forward to. Some of my favourite things about the new collection: The mix of bubblegum pinks and burgundy shades, the cool gaucho hats, the big mannish coats and, as always, the great knits. I thought the styling, with easy tucked-in hair and smokey eyes, was great too. Oh, and Little Miss Lala's walk at the [...]

something simple

By Marlene | Published: 3. January 2013
Perhaps there's another thing I should put on my list of goals for 2013: get organised. The first time I wrote about the Lala Berlin Hendrix blouse was last September. Sarah asked me back then how I wear it and if I'd do an outfit post. Which I very much wanted to do. And yet it took me three months to get around to it. Sarah? Sorry about the delay. But here [...]

brighter days

By Marlene | Published: 27. July 2011
Remember when it was still warm and sunny outside? During Fashion Week! I saw actress Pheline Roggan before the Lala Berlin show wearing the kind of dress and boots I wish I had in my closet to quickly throw on for a summer evening out. (more…)