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a week in fashion #1

By Marlene | Published: 10. December 2010

*The Guardian has ten reasons why Anna dello Russo rocks. I was sold at number 4.

*For those who missed the one night Feist’s documentary “Look at What The Light Did Now” was shown in Berlin (like me) and can’t wait for the DVD to come out (like me), here’s a clip from the movie.

*Seeing this made me think of my favourite picture of my mom – from the day my dad visited her in Denmark for the first time. She wore a tank top, a pleated pink shirt, knee-high socks and patent leather shoes. Of course, my dad fell in love with her.

*If I didn’t already own four pairs of sweatpants, I would get these.

*Nicole Kidman in the trailer for “Rabbit Hole” reminded me that I want pretty much every piece from the Margaret Howell collection. (on a side note: she also almost made me forget that she was in something called “Stepford Wives”. Almost).

*Speaking of that trailer. I’ve been playing the song from it non-stop for the past week.

*Do I need another black bag? No, I don’t need another black bag. I need THIS black bag.

*The ever sensible Anna Wintour recommends getting fired.

*A little older, but still golden: Refinery29’s guide to becoming a star style blogger. I’m going to have to work on that “The Hand As Hat” pose.

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