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a week in fashion #12

By Marlene | Published: 3. April 2011

*24 degrees this weekend! Summer is just around the corner and for the first time since last summer it felt right to to listen to this song again.

[vimeo width=”540″ height=”300″]http://vimeo.com/7624911[/vimeo]

*Sofia Coppola shares her essentials with Self Service Magazine. I’m ordering Charvet shirts as soon as I finish typing this. Yes, I’m that easy when it comes to Coppola.

*Although I’m also fantasizing about a blouse from Equipment. Like this one. The warm weather must be getting to me, because I seem to want to buy anything and everything in the colour of tropical cocktails at the moment.

*Only 26 days until THE wedding. Here’s a preview made from Legos. But would the Queen really wear yellow on the big day?

*I went to the Balenciaga at The Corner presentation last week where they showed “Edition”, a collection of re-worked pieces from previous collections. Incredible to think that some of these designs are 50 years old and older. Look 8 is a favourite, but the designs are all stunning.

*To celebrate David Beckham’s cover for Fantastic Man the Guardian has devoted a slideshow to his hairstyles. I can’t believe how many of them I had already forgotten. I can’t believe how terrible almost all of them were.

*Good colours. Good styling. Good J. Crew collection for fall.

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