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a week in fashion #15

By Marlene | Published: 22. April 2011

*The suitcase I took with me on holiday to Spain wasn’t this small. But it might as well have been. I always want to pack too many things, yet somehow also always manage to forget something. This time probably… my bikini! Noooo!

*This picture is probably the closest I will get to the new Chanel nail polishes for summer. My guess is that the yellow, sorry, the “Mimosa” will be the most impossible to get. Which is why I want it, obviously. Just like I suddenly had to have green nail polish when Chanel did that. And yes, I realize how silly that is.

*Pierre Bergé opens his heart and the house he shared with Yves Saint Laurent in L’amour fou. Is it too much to hope that this makes it to the cinema? Please?

*Not your usual concept store: Noble Project supports such charities as Unicef and has gathered some good designers for a good cause. Among them some of my personal favourites, like jewelry designer Saskia Diez and make-up maven Feride Uslu.

*It’s handbags at dawn: Ariel Levy portraits designer Reed Krakoff for The New Yorker. And not too kindly. (Subscription required)

*This might not be news to anyone but me. But have you seen the stuff that Rodebjer makes? Cool!

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