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a week in fashion #22

By James | Published: 13. June 2011

*I love working with traditional fabrics, so I was very excited to be asked to make a suit from Harris Tweed. I received the samples this week (pictured above), coinciding perfectly with this video on the Guardian website about how the clothe is made.

*Normally the choice of five-year-old little princesses, the tutu has become something of a fashion item since Black Swan. The English National Ballet has now teamed up with an impressive list of designers for a fund raiser.

*Rumour has it the original supermodels have got together for a new Duran Duran music video. Could be, uh, fun.

*Helena Bonham-Carter is often mocked for her quirky sense of style, but she seems a great fit for Marc Jacobs latest campaign.

*Something can hardly still be considered a trend when even your least stylish friends are foregoing hosiery. However, going to work in a suit, but sockless might still turn a few heads as the Wall Street Journal suggest.

*On the same theme, the Guardian took a slightly more light-hearted look with their Pass Notes on mankles.

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