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a week in fashion #25

By Marlene | Published: 3. July 2011

*The October weather of the last few days has had one advantage: it suddenly feels right buying stuff for autumn, like my cosy new jumper from Cos with extra-long sleeves.

*How nice to see that Tommy Ton has also noticed how very well-dressed our lovely friend Aaron is.

*Unless you spent last week on Mars you might’ve heard that Kate Moss got married. Apparently her wedding gown was inspired by Zelda Fitzgerald. But what about the dress she wore to the rehearsal dinner? My guess is: Snow White.

*Who’d have thought that in the week Kate Moss got married, hers wasn’t the most scandalous wedding. Although judging by the outfits, it wasn’t Charlene who was about to hop on a plane. It was Albert.

*W Magazine has a feature about designers and their musical muses. Not a new idea. But the pictures are great.

*Good news! Interview is coming to Germany with Aliona Doletskaya at the helm.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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