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a week in fashion #31

By James | Published: 15. August 2011

*This is what you get when you hand us a basket full of accessories and a camera with a self-timer at your wedding… (thank you Steffi and Chrissi for a fabulous time!)

*Every online shop now has their own magazine and new Park & Bond is no exception with “The Intersection”. Definitely worth reading their interview with Michael Bastian, if you still cringe at the thought of your teenage outfits.

*It was too good to last. The anonymous twitter feed from the Condé Nast elevator in New York (Excerpt: Vogue Asst & AW in packed elevator. VA: Blah blah Duke & Duchess of Windsor– AW: Cambridge. Duke & Duchess of CAMBRIDGE. VA: I’m sorry.) had an incredible 45,000 followers. However, the writer decided that for the sake of thier career it was best to go quiet again.

*When Marlene gets a song in her head she’ll play it over and over. I don’t mind when it is as good as Little Numbers by Boy.

*Pictures of the new collaboration Rodarte for Opening Ceremony were released this week. Simply put, I want the whole collection.

*Do special edition cars by fashion designers ever work? I love the Fiat 500 but this one by Gucci makes me think: no, they don’t work.

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